Dans les coulisses de la finance


Explorez les coulisses de la finance d’entreprise avec plusieurs CFOs dans cet événement organisé ensemble avec notre partenaire Financial Media. Les intervenants incluent entre autres Salvatore Curaba et Michaël Saublens (EASI), keynote speaker Nicolas Leonard (CFO d’Ardent Group) et Hughes Pirotte, professeur de finance (Solvay Brussels School). Cliquez pour vous inscrire et avoir accès aux détails du programme: https://lnkd.in/eGrDeBm


The LSE SU Alternative Investments Conference – “The largest event of its kind; a chance for the best brains in asset management to meet” (The Financial Times, 2010)

On January 16-17, 2017, I got the opportunity to attend the LSE SU Alternative Investments Conference (AIC). The conference was founded in 2007 and is jointly organized by the LSE SU Alternative Investments Society and the LSE Financial Markets Group. It is now described as the world’s largest student conference on Hedge Funds, Private Equity and Venture Capital.   Continue reading

Regulators can’t force good risk management


The flood of new regulations misses the root cause of the economic crisis, feels Clifford Rossi of American Banker, namely “a pervasive lack of effective risk governance among key financial market participants”. In a short but concise overview of several clear examples, he demonstrates that date regulation so far has had a limited effect on ensuring that the most critical aspects of effective risk governance are in place.


Market volatility and anticipated distress on equity markets

Goldman Sachs’ alternative asset management unit is selling stakes in five of its hedge funds to Affiliated Managers Group, an acquisitive “multi-boutique” asset manager that has grown rapidly by investing in other money managers.

Sean Healey, AMG chief executive, admits that it is difficult to know the forward direction of financial markets, but prepares for periods of volatility and distress.